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We are now IPv6 enabled!
本校 FTP 開始提供 IPv6 服務!

Attention: We are recovering mirror service due to maintenance, some files may not be available for download now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

注意:由於本站硬碟滿載,除下列校內常用軟體,將暫停其餘檔案服務、並改變部分檔案路徑。如仍需各類鏡像服務,歡迎隨時提供意見給計中網路組 FTP 管理員。諸多不便,尚祈見諒。
Attention: We temporarily stopped mirroring some distributions due to out of space, and changed the hiearchy of the content. Any comments and mirroring requests to NCNU FTP Service are always welcomed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

ietf/ IETF Internet Drafts 文件
rfc/ IETF Requests for Comments (RFC) 文件
FreeBSD/ FreeBSD 程式和光碟 ISO 檔
cpatch/ 中文化軟體聯盟 ( 下載區
Linux/CentOS/ CentOS Linux Repository / 映像檔
fedora/ Fedora Linux Repository / 映像檔
debian-cd/ Debian GNU/Linux CD 映像檔
ubuntu/ Ubuntu Linux Repository
ubuntu-cd/ Ubuntu Linux CD 映像檔
ubuntu-dvd/ Ubuntu Linux DVD 映像檔

請不吝將問題、建議、與鏡像需求寄給 FTP 工友,謝謝!
Send questions, mirroring requests and comments to: NCNU FTP Service